Is KOR whitening superior to ZOOM and Boost treatments? Looking for dramatic whitening results.

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If you're looking for dramatic results, then Kor whitening is the way to go. It is more costly than Zoom, but the results are much better and longer lasting. 

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 In my experience  I work with Zoom Whitening and you can expect the greatest shade change in the least amount of time.

Melissa E. Rinck, DDS
San Rafael Dentist

Kor whitening

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Kor whitening is the most effective whitening product on the market, however if your teeth are not extremely discolored Zoom and Boost can both be very effective. Kor is a 2 part process with in office and take home components. They are very specific about how the trays should be made and the product must be refrigerated. All of these components make it more expensive than Zoom or Boost. You don't give any info on your specific case so it is impossible to determine what is the best product for your situation. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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