Is Kor Whitening the best in office whitening treatment?

I currently have braces and want to get my teeth whitened once their removed. I did some research and a lot of people said that they didn't see any significant results. I know everyone is different and get various results. I just want to make sure this is the best option available. Can Kor Whitening make a dramatic difference?

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Kor whitening

Kor whitening is an excellent type of whitening. It is a combo type of whitening. Part of the whitening is done in office and trays are worn at home to complete the process. The most important thing about whitening is following the protocol. Most people quit before they reach their maximum whiteness.

Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System

Our patients are quite happy with the results achieved from the Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System. The innovative system offers several benefits including the ability to remove dark and deep stains with less than 10 percent of the tooth sensitivity that can often be associated with other bleaching systems. With Kor, the results can last for several years, however, the most important part is completing it at home. With Kor you will wear the custom made whitening trays for two weeks. The thin trays avoid leakage and are designed to form fit your teeth. Once your two week at home treatment has been completed you will have an in office tooth whitening session to finalize the treatment while enhancing the results. The most important part of the procedure is to make sure that you follow the steps and complete your system according to your dentists plan, if you don't you will not have the results that you want. Unfortunately, that is one of the biggest problems with tooth whitening. It is imperative that you follow your dentists protocol to achieve your desired results. Thank-you for your question and I hope this has helped.

Michael Fulbright, DDS
Redondo Beach Dentist

Professional Whitening

Kor whitening is an excellent option for some patients. You may or may not need Kor. It will depend on your goals and the current situation of your teeth. Professional whitening products that are found in dental offices are not "one size fits all". There are different types of whitening products, different strengths, different durations they are used, different delivery methods, and different techniques that can be used depending on the product selected. We find a customize whitening plan actually saves patients money and helps them avoid disappointing results. I encourage you to find an office that offers many different whitening options and visit with them to find out what would be the best fit for you. We wish you the best of luck!

Patrick Broome, DMD
Charlotte Dentist

Whitening Treatments and Results

Whitening treatments are as good as how compliant the patient is in doing his or her part of the treatment at home and the condition of the teeth before whitening. If there are stains from medicines taken in the past  or if you have  smoked or a constant coffee drinker or red wine drinker, you may have more stains than usual. Also the color of your natural teeth and your age play a part in this as well.  You need to think if you want them bathtub white or a natural. white.  I would recommend Kor Whitening because it takes the most difficult stains out. There are many kinds of whitening treatments out there, but if you want the most bang for your buck with out the electrical shocks that often happen if you are overly sensitive, I would go with the Kor!  You will be happy with the results!  Our patients love it!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist
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