Breakouts Normal After Chemical Peel?

Is an breaking out normal after a Chemical peel? If so, how long will it take to heel completely? Or should I stop the treatment altogether and resort to a more natural approach to dealing with my pimples?

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"Breakouts" after a chemical peel

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"Breakouts" can happen after a chemical peel. The skin is adjusting to the changes and so "breakouts" may occur. Have your doctor keep a close eye on your skin to prevent any further problems.

May need to be rechecked by your physician to treat areas of breakout

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It is not uncommon, especially if you have oily skin, to develop small pimples or milia following a chemical peel. A return to your physician is in order. Usually these areas can be gently unroofed. You may need to use a different ointment on your face as well. When you clean your face use a non-detergent based soap.

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