Are Cheek Implants Possible for Lupus (SLE) Patients?

I have some q's concerning Lupus & implants: *Do ppl w/SLE to develope problems with capsulebuilding around the impl? Like: -exessive building -contracture -irregular capsule w/visible bumps -continuous building, causing impl. to "grow" bigger over time *How much higher is the risk of impl. rejection w/SLE? * Does removal damage tissue & bones? Would I look deformed? * Is there a higher risk of infection by placement through the mouth? Are there methods w/less risk of infect.?

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Cheek Implants in Autoimmune Disease Patients

Whether the risks are higher for problems with cheek implants in a patient with an autoimmune disease depends on whether they are on immunosuppressive medication or not. If one is not, then there is no evidence that the risk of infection or material reaction is higher. If one is on some form of immunosuppressive medication, there is a higher risk of infection but that is not really different whether one goes through the mouth or the lower eyelid to place them. Cheek implants are completely reversible and do not damage the bone because one has had them.

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Cheek implants for Lupus patients

Theoretically it is possible to perform cheek implant surgery.  A lupus patient, as long as they are under good medical control, should not have any problems with rejection of the implant since the implant itself is inert.  We have performed cheek implants on other patients with autoimmune disorders and have had no problems.

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Lupus and Implants

There has not been any causal link between autoimmune diseases like lupus and silicone (most common chin implant material). Your general risks should be discussed with your rheumatologist as well as your surgeon. In my experience, if your lupus is under control without immuno-suppression medications or on low dose, most patients do well after this procedure. 


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