I Have Had Cheek Implants and Someone Applied Immense Pressure to my Face...could It Rupture?

I have had cheek implants surgically attached with screws and plates....someone has applied immense pressure and impact on my face (assaulted me)..Im terrified that the cheek implant is ruptured or deflated in some way...my symptoms after the assault was severe swelling, redness, shooting pain & throbbing, heat.& dull aches. I have had an xray....but would I need a cat scan or mRI scan to pick up the cheek implants? Please advise me Im very worried....

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Cheek Implants are generally solid.

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The two most common types of cheek implants used are cheek implants made of SOLID silicone (no fluid inside to leak out), or Medpore (a solid, porous material that allows ingrowth of your own tissue).  In either case, the implant can not "rupture", despite how much force is applied.  It is possible for the implant to become dislocated, however.  I suggest visiting the surgeon who put them in for an examination. 

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Cheek Implant Stability After Trauma

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Regardless of the cheek implant composition, they are all solid implants that can not rupture regardless of the amount of force applied. The more relevant concern would be implant displacement. But if they were secured in place with screws, this risk is significantly decreased.

Cheek implants after trauma to face

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There are a few questions I would have for you.  How long ago were the implants placed and what kind of implant was used?  I'm assuming that you most likely had a solid silicone implant placed, and if this is true, it should not rupture with pressure from trauma.  It is possible that the implants could move with trauma though, and this would be more likely if they were recently placed. Because you said the implants were secured with screws (and I'm not sure why, but plates), it would be less likely to move with pressure from trauma.  I would wait for the swelling to subside and you will have a better idea if there was any movement.  You could return to your surgeon to be evaluated in person as well. 

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