Can Cheek Implants Create Masculine Cheekbones? (photo)

I'm interested in cheek augmentation, but I've noticed that cheek implants in men tend to feminize the face too much. They seem to create a more round/full appearance in the cheek area. I'm looking for a more sharp/hollow look. It seems that male models have very prominent cheekbones which are high on their faces, vertically short, and flare out near the ears. Is it possible to create this look with cheek implants? I have yet to see a before and after where this was achieved. Thanks

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Cheek Implants and the Masculine Profile

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The short answer is "yes," though the models shown are models because there facial structure is fairly extreme.  There are a lot of important factors in choosing to undergo cheek augmentation, including temporary vs. permanent options, your specific facial bone structure, and the relative thickness of the overlying soft tissues.  In the midface or cheek region, there are multiple ways of adding volume. Fillers can be used as a first step, to "try out" a new look before committing to a surgical solution. Radiesse, in particular, is a great option for malar augmentation, while other fillers can be used in the "tear trough" region.  Once you have decided that you like this change, there are multiple implant types and sizes -- so a careful, deliberate, and detailed discussion with your qualified surgeon as to exactly what you want is very important. Good luck!

Can Cheek Implants Create Masculine Cheekbones?

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 Yes, Cheek Implants can make the face more masculine if they follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty as outlined in "The Palmer Code."  The photos, of male models, you provided show vastly different cheek size and shapes with one quite large and broad and the other very narrow and flat.  While I agree that both of these male models have angular faces, the cheeks are completely different.  

 Comparing these models faces to yours, from the photo provided, you can see that your face is more round, the cheeks are flat and the chin is weak.  If cheek implants were used, the cheeks could be made more narrow and angular making the face appear more masculine.  Continuing on this theme, a Chin Implant would augment the chin (the cleft would remain) balancing the entire lower face.  Finally, the jaw line can be augmented using Radiesse (filler) adding more strength and flare to the jaw line.  These combined would create a "similar" look to these male models.  

  If you have seen males with full, rounded cheeks these IMO, signify a deviation and lack of understanding of the proper aesthetics of facial beauty which is a limitation of that particular plastic and cosmetic surgeon and not Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants in general.  Hope this helps.


Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Unrealistic cheeks

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The photo results shown  are not obtainable with modern style cheek implants.  Trying to attempt to get this type of result will only leave someone with an unnatural, over-operated result.  

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek Implants Have Limitations

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Because of the anatomy, there are limitations in placement of cheek implants to achieve the desired results.  Patient selection is critical for a good outcome. Fillers are a more versatile option in that the filler can be placed exactly where the augmentation is desired.  There are many permanent, semi-permanent and temporary filler options available. Choose one that is more temporary until you get the result that you want, then move on. Good luck.

Can cheek implants create a masculine appearance?

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Both of the model pictures you have supplied do show men with prominent cheek bones.  The middle picture you submitted states that the person had cheek implants.  From the picture, that person has very flat cheekbones and I doubt had malar cheek implants.  It is possible he had submalar implants, which are placed lower on the cheek and would make the face appear fuller.  If you are looking to create an appearance more like the two models you have shown, then malar implants could potentially be used for that purpose.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Results From Male Cheek Augmentation

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The key element in male cheekbone augmentation is to have a highly placed cheek implant that creates more of an angular look rather than one that rounds out the entire cheekbone. Whether that will produce the desired look in any man has as much to do with their overlying soft tissue thickness and facial shape as much as it does with the imlpant itself. Even the best shaped cheek implant may not create this look if the face is naturally rounder and fuller. Men with a naturally more skeletonized face are more likely to end up with a high angular cheek look.

Artefill Cheek enhancement, cheek implants

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Cheek implants are difficult to place high an back enough to produce the desired results.  Artefill is a less invasive way of sculpting this area in more precisely.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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