Will Cheek Augmentation Lift Sagging Jowels?

Can cheek augmentation also serve to lift sagging jowls. (ie. does it ever serve in lieu of a face lift?)

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Cheek augmentation lift sagging jowels

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It can give a false appearance of a jowl lift but the real answer is no. Photos would help and going to in person consultation is best. From MIAMI DR. B

Cheek augmentation and jowling

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Cheek augmentation can be achieved surgically with silastic implants or through injections in the office.  Although this can provide fuller, younger appearing cheeks and give the appearance of a "high cheek bone", it does not enhance or improve jowling.  Prejowl implants, injections, or a facelift may assist with your jowling issues.

Cheek augmentation will not lift sagging jowls

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No, cheek augmentation will not lift sagging jowls. Sagging jowls are best treated with a facelift. Cheek augmentation is performed for flat cheeks where the loss of soft tissue volume has occurred or there is just a flat bony projection of the cheek malar area. Cheek augmentation will not lift a sagging jowl.

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Cheek Augmentation to Lift Jowls

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Cheek augmentation with fillers, your own fat, or silicone implants will improve cheek contour and provide a minimal lift of the naso-labial folds (fullness between the nose and the corner of the mouth).This will not decrease the jowls. If jowling is your primary concern, some sort of a facelift to elevate the relaxed tissue along the jawline or a prejowl implant to camouflage this fullness would be more approriate. A good consultation will help you define your problem, establish reasonable expectations, and understand altenative treatment options.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 40 reviews

Non Surgical Cheek Augmentation

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Deep smiles on the sides of the nose, prominent "marionette"  ("sad") lines extending from the corners of the mouth down toward the chin, and jowls along the jaw line result in large measure from the loss of volume of the cheek pads and the downward descent of the remnant of those pads, as well as from the loss of bone from the cheeks and chin.

Since the shrinkage of the once convex and heart-shaped cheek pad and the downward migration of the shriveled triangular remnant of it plays such a contributory role to the changes just described in the mid and lower face, any restoration of the volume to the cheek area above the region of the cheek bone and below the eyes may secondarily improve the mid and lower face by lifting it a bit. This effect is usually more significant on the mid face, i.e. more improvement may be expected on the smile lines and some improvement with the sad lines. However, only slight improvement, if any, can be expected by dealing with the cheek region, which, relatively speaking, is pretty far from the jawline jowls. The pseudolift obtained by revolumizing the cheeks can have a dramatic effect in rejuvenating the mid face and under eye regions. I have found Juvederm Ultra Plus XC to be excellent for rejuvenating cheeks.

For best results, jowls can be directly treated by revolumizing the depressed areas of the jawline that form in front and in back of the jowls. Radiesse is an excellent and relatively long-lasting volumizing material for this purpose. 

Lifting Sagging Jowls

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Since jowls are the result of both descent of lax tissue and some deflation of the tissues under the skin, a cheek lift can give some reduction of jowls. An implant will provide a little lift. By filling the hollow below the cheek also with an injectable filler, you will lift them slightly more, since the filling is closer to the problem. Neither will give total improvement, however. The only way to totally correct them is with a facelift. The newer facelifts, such as the MACS Lift, or one accompanied by fat injection to the deflated areas can correct the jowls and improve the cheeks. I prefer a lift that does not pull the tissue tight, thus thinning the already thinned tissue further, but gathers the tissue to augment the deficient areas. The MACS Lift is one such lift.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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