Any Surgeons/dermatologist Who Has Successfully Improve Buccal Fat Removal Result?

Hi all surgeons/dermatologists, I need to find a surgeons/dermatologist who has worked with improving the result of buccal fat removal patients in the past. I had my buccal fat removal surgery done in the past, have been in huge depression since. I desperately need help. Please advise. Thanks.

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Complications after Buccal Fat RemovaI

It would be helpful if you described the problem, but I will assume you have an unnatural depression or  irregular contour. Augmentation of the cheek is best accomplished with fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm, or the patient's own fat by a facial plastic surgeon, a plastic surgeon, or dermatologist experienced in facial aesthetic work.

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Improving Cheeks by Reversing Buccal Fat Removal

Removing fat from the buccal fat pad can improve cheeks for those patients who have excessively round, full faces. Buccal fat is removed via a small incision inside the mouth. For appropriate candidates, most patients are happy with this relatively minor procedure.

Potentially, undesired results may occur, such too much fat may be removed or altered with the cosmetic procedure. Patients may end up with sunken, or depressed cheeks and midface area. Reversing buccal fat removal involves adding volume to the midface. Cheek augmentation may be performed with facial fillers such as Radiesse or Sculptra. Facial fat injections may replace the fat that was removed. Lastly, silicone cheek implant would permanently add volume to the sunken cheeks.

Only after a comprehensive evaluation by a dermatology or plastic surgeon specialist can he/she determine appropriate options for you.

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