Kybella Question- how long will swelling be noticeable? (photo)

I have a scheduled appointment for my first kybella treatment on Monday but have learned that I have a work function that following Saturday, leaving only a few days to heal. Do many patients have significant swelling 5 days after their initial treatment? My double chin and full cheeks has been the bane of my existence, I work out regularly and have a very low percentage of body fat everywhere else except for my face.

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Kybella and Swelling After Injection

Congratulations on deciding to have Kybella.  You appear to be an ideal candidate and with 2 to 3 treatments you should see a great result.  Most patients experience swelling that will last about a week but even at a couple of days most people will not notice the swelling.  My patients always think it is worse than it is and asked if any one has noticed they respond, "Not really, or at least if they have they have not commented on it." 

At 5 days you should be just fine, a little residual swelling maybe, but not bad.

I hope that helps.

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Some patients may experience swelling that can last up to a week and it all depends on the amount that has been injected and your response to Kybella. Usually swelling does not last longer than 3-5 days, so you can expect to be ready for social function after 5 days

Hardik Soni, MD
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Swelling from Kybella

Most patients experience up to 7 days of swelling, but everyone reacts/heals differently. At 5 days post-Kybella treatment your swelling should be significantly reduced but it is possible you will still have some residual swelling. Most likely you will be ok, but it is really up to you if you are ok with the possibility of some slight swelling being visible. 

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
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Kybella can cause noticeable mild swelling in the 1st week after the injections and mild, barely noticeable swelling for up to 3 weeks afterwards. This assumes a full dose was injected.  Be well!

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Swelling after Kybella

Thank you for your question andrec17. Kybella is the first and, thus far, only non-surgical injectable treatment for the double chin. Most swelling occurs for the first week, although some people experience swelling for two or more weeks. Some doctors recommend using a strap around the area from under the chin to the top of the head in order to minimize swelling. Many people wear a scarf or turtleneck to cover the swelling. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
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Kybella Swelling

I think you will be ok.  I had my own treatment  with 3 vials and was back in the hospital 3 days later and no one noticed.  The biggest swelling is over by the 3rd to 4th day.  You will still be swollen compared to your baseline, but not that someone else would typically notice on a casual basis.  Some patients find that it helps to take Ceterizine (an otc antihistamine-Zyrtec is one brand) for the day before the day of and the day after.  You will find that in 3-4 weeks you will start to see an improvement, and most patients see the improvement continue for 3-4 months afterwards.  Good luck!

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It is common for patients to have swelling a few days after a Kybella treatment. The swelling should begin to resolve after the first week. Hope this answers your question!

Kybella and Swelling

Many patients have swelling that can last up to a week, especially during  the first series of injection.   When the fat is dissolved it causes swelling which is a normal part of the procedure.  I suggest you put in off until after your work function.  Best, Dr. Green

Swelling can occasionally last 2-3 weeks with Kybella

Hi There-- Most people are back to their starting point 1-2 weeks after Kybella injection, but occasionally swelling lasts even longer. It is partly dose dependent, but also partly random. There is also a "jiggly" feeling that happens that can happen for weeks as well. If you are self-conscious about the area already, I would put off the injections until after your event. You will ultimately really like the results of Kybella though. Good luck.

Katherine Dee, MD
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Kybella Swelling

Unfortunately, many patients have swelling at the 5 day mark. Most of the time this is swelling that only you will notice but sometimes it is more than that. I always, just to be conservative, tell my patients to expect swelling for up to 3 weeks. Also - taking zyrtec prior to and after the procedure may help with the swelling response. You should discuss this with your injector. Good luck!

Anthony J. Wilson, MD
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