Can I use ice pack for swelling after 9 days post op Smart Lipo upper arms?

I had smart lipo 9 days ago on my upper arms. I already had my stitches removed a few days ago. My skin is still slightly numb but I have swelling and am tender to the touch right around my elbow area. My Doctors office is closed today and I forgot to ask if I could use ice packs on swollen areas. Can I use ice packs on my swollen areas? How long if so? I am still actively in my compression garmet 23/7. Thank you

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Ice Can Help Tenderness, Not Swelling

I'm sorry to read that you're still experiencing discomfort after your Smartlipo procedure. Although, it is not unheard of to still have some pain at 9 days. Ice or a cold compress is unlikely to do much for your swelling, but it may relieve some tenderness. Apply the cold compress for about 20 minutes at a time; a few times daily should be helpful. Be sure to use the cold compress over your compression garment, so the garment remains in place properly. I’m also a big proponent of NSAIDs like ibuprofen for post op pain and swelling after liposuction.

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Can I use ice pack for swelling after 9 days post op Smart Lipo upper arms?

Thanks for your question and sorry that you are having this concern – was this not gone over with you during your consultation so that all of the post-op concerns are reviewed before the procedure and gone over again when you are done – this seems fairly standard to me. And I don’t understand that the office is closed – we all have answering services or a way to be communicated with – if you do not, then this would not be my choice to have this kind of procedure performed. Ice at this point will not probably do too much but I would do it until you can connect with the doctor, see the doctor, and make sure that nothing else is going on that one would be worried about. Get in touch with your provider if this is a major concern.

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Unlikely to be of much benefit

at 9 days, the ice will have little effect on swelling. if you find that it helps with the discomfort, then ice is a good idea. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

good luck
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Using ice 9 days after liposuction /Smartlipo

Using an ice pack over your compression garment for 20 minutes every couple of hours may help with soreness but will likely have little to no effect on swelling this far out from surgery.

~ Dr Bergeron

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