Had calf implant surgery 3 weeks ago and having sharp pain in feet.

Had calf implant surgery 2.5 wks ago. My feet are swollen w/ sharp pain on the outer foot and heel area. It's a burning/prickly feeling. I am taking motrin, trying to stay off my feet and elevate as much as possible (some days it's harder than others), and wearing either compression stockings or bandages. I read that this could be due to nerve damage or a shift/compression of the nerves. If that is the case, when will I feel relief and are the compression stockings doing more harm that good?

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Pain after calf implants

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At 2.5 weeks after surgery, there will still be some swelling and discomfort but should gradually be improving.  The specific area you are describing could be from a nerve being stretched or compressed.  It is important to stay in touch with your surgeon so they can examine you and follow along with your progress.

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Calf implants - feet are swollen and painful.

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Thank you for asking about your calf implants.

  • You need to return to see your surgeon to be examined.
  • Yes, the pain may be from nerves that were stretched by the implant -
  • A nerve block may help.
  • The swelling may be from surgery, or from too tight a bandage or from some other problem.
  • I generally do not use compression stockings in the first six weeks, because the ace wraps work better for my patients but your surgeon has to be the one to advise you.
  • Hope it all settles down soon for you!

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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