I was born with a clubfoot my calf in the one leg is extremely thin. How can I improve this?

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Club foot - correct thin leg

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Thank you for asking about your calf implant.
  • Calf implants are the best way to correct a thin leg, affected by a club foot.
  • The implant is a soft, solid silicone implant.
  • It is placed over the muscle but under the muscle fascia.
  • It will usually make the leg appear much fuller - but it may not match the other leg.
  • This is not a big problem since the two sides of our bodies never match.
  • Please see a plastic surgeon in South Africa for a consultation -
  • Be sure the surgeon does these implants before you see her/him - not all surgeons do.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Club foot calf enhancement

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Other than favorable genetics combined with rigorous consistent exercise, there is no other way to augment the calf muscles besides calf implants.  This applies to various acquired diseases and genetic/traumatic deformities as well.  Buyer beware - Fat transfer will NOT work, period!  Surgical prices vary by region, surgeon reputation, and surgical experience.  However, very few plastic surgeons specialize in this operation so you may have to travel a long distance to one that does. The implants are made of soft semi-solid silicone rubber and placed surgically through a small (3/4 inch) incision in a natural crease behind the knee. When the implants are properly sized and placed under the muscle fascia, they should blend in and look natural. There are too many critical nerves and blood vessels under the muscle to risk this technique. All surgery comes with post-operative pain and recovery.  For calf implants, the first two weeks after surgery is the most difficult time because walking is painful. Recovery usually progresses at a smooth steady pace from there until unlimited activity/sports/exercise is allowed at 6 weeks. Glad to help. 

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