Is my body rejecting my calf implant?

I recently had calf implants. My left leg is perfect. No pain and the implant has softened and looks natural. My right leg has quite an issue. The implant is hard and swollen. It has a lump at the base of the implant and the lump has pain. I have been to many medical doctors and they all say that the lump is not an infection as the white blood cells are too low. Can u tell me what to do?

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Implant problem

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This may be infection, seroma (fluid) or even hematoma (blood). An aspiration can often help to distinguish. The decisions regarding this should be made by a surgeon with experience in calf implant surgery.

Calf implant - one side is swollen and painful

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Thank you for asking about your calf implant.
  • It sounds as though the doctors you have seen do not know about calf implants.
  • You almost certainly have an infection around your implant -
  • Your white cell count will not rise until the infection is spreading through your body -
  • You should not wait anywhere near that long to be treated.
  • You must promptly see a surgeon who does calf implants. If there is any doubt, an ultrasound can be done.
  • If your surgeon is in the area, have her/him order an ultrasound.
  • The only treatment is removal of the implant now and a wound vac for two weeks to heal the cavity.
  • Since you are in Georgia, if you cannot find a surgeon near you to help you, please contact my office without delay.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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