Will breasts look bigger after fully drop? With weight loss, will they change also? (Silicone HP 500cc, 5'7 150lbs)

I've been struggling with this since the swelling finally subsided. They said my breasts were pretty much fully dropped and I was 3wks post op. I loved them, but now they look avg to me. I wanted to be a bigger than what my body and read to wait 3-6mths to see full results. If fully dropped would they still look bigger later? If I lose weight will they look bigger? TBH my dr still has yet to see me post op and I've been upset bc of my questions/concerns, but his nurse saw me post op.

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If they have fully dropped, then they will not appear larger with time.  If you are unhappy with the overall volume, then perhaps you need to consider a revision o go larger in the future.

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