How well will rogaine work for chronic telogen effluvium?

I'm 21, have been experiencing relatively rapid hair loss for the past year and a half ever since 3-4 months after a series of emotionally traumatic events. These events have stressed my mind and body day and night and have caused me to develope a heart problem and have very little sleep since. how well will rogaine work for CTE? I know it isn't FDA approved for it but from what i know, its not a very well understood condition. My derm recomended it as a last resort until the stress is resolved.

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Rogaine may help expedite recovery from telogen effluvium

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Rogaine may help expedite recovery from telogen effluvium. Please keep in mind you could notice an initial increase in shedding which can occur when hairs are being pushed out of the telogen phase and entering the anagen or growth phase. This can happen during the first few weeks but will level off quickly. After 6-9 months of regular use, you will likely start to see new hairs growing.

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Male or female with CTE

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If you are a male, you might have genetic hair loss. For females the problem is more difficult as female hair loss is more complex. See below

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