Stopped using Rogaine for about 6 months & my hair fell out. Will it grow again if I return to using it? How long will it take?

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Non surgical treatments

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It was meant to happen that if you stop your treatment you will start loosing hair again. Any non-surgical treatment that you use to stop hair loss has to be continued for life in order to be effective. If is the case that you don't want to take medication anymore, you can always look at other options such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). We have been using PRP for quite a while and obtained great results in our patients. 

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Rogaine For Hair Loss--Additional Hair Loss Treatments, PRP, Progesterone, Viviscal, Rogaine, Finesteride, Spironolactone

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Yes, you could go back on Rogaine in order for the hair to grow back and it will take about 4  months for it to work. There are other options: I have great success in my practice using injectable progesterone and prp to the scalp. I suggest you see a cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in hair loss for a formal consultation. Best, Dr. Emer

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