Which filler is best for the lines on either side of the chin? The ones that run below the corners of the mouth downwards.

The lines that run from the corners of the mouth downward. I have three on each side. And how long should that filler last?

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Best filler for mouth corners

I am currently using a combination of Voluma and Juvederm to fill this area.  The corners of the mouth and chin are can be very difficult to correct and can require a lot of filler.  I have found that using Voluma around the chin (an off label area for this filler) is giving an excellent and long lasting result.  Then Juvederm is great to finish the mouth corners.  This combination has reduced the amount of filler needed to get full correction of the problem and produces a very natural look for my patients. 

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Fille for chin and below mouth

Volume loss in the lower face certainly can make you have the apperance of being older.  I like to use either a couple vials of Juvederm or a vial of Vlouma and a vial of Juvederm.  I use the Voluma over the jaw to give a fill in and eveness to the jaw line and then place the Juvederm in the tissue below the corners of the mouth to do away with the Marrionette lines and build up the mouth corners.  If there is not a significant defect along the jaw line then a vial of Juvederm on each side usually will work well.  It should last you about a year and maybe a little longer for the thicker Voluma.  This seems to work well to erase that aging look.   Thanks for your question.

Dr. ODell

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