Can you change nose width by acupuncture and nose clip?

Changing Nose Width by Manipulating the Cartilage Using Several Acupuncture and Nose Clip for 5 Dayes  20 Hours A day. it like introducing inflammation and then applying a constant pressure so that when it heal it takes the new shape. so does acupuncture with prerussure work. does the result last for longer period. i am looking forward to hearing from thank you T.C.

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Acupuncture Rhinoplasty

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First there was Rhinoplasty, then there was Injection Rhinoplasty. And now Acupuncture Rhinoplasty? Sadly the answer is no. However there was a lot of interest at the turn of the century in using external appliances to reshape the nose. This was analogous to dental braces. However braces work directly on the teeth and not the intervening soft tissues, and here is why this type of intervention doesn't work for the nose.

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