Invisaligns with Cut-outs for Future Bands?

I recently got Invisalign. I was surprised when the trays arrived with multiple buttons and a cutout for the bands. The cutouts are irritating when I speak, the buttons are on teeth are visible, and the cut-out make the Invisaligns totally obvious.

I asked that the trays be redone without the cutouts as I will only need bands in the last month. I will receive only 10 trays for correction on top and 9 on the bottom. The ortho said that he only get another 2 corrections without cost, and wants to wait. He also told me that Invisalign suggest where the buttons go and he made changes.

I am being charged over $6,000 for treatment. I am concerned. Should I seek another opinion? Shouldn't the ortho take responsibility for his decision? Am I being overcharged?

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Invisalign treatment rarely involves aligners only

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It's unfortunate that you weren't made aware of the attachments and buttons that you need to adequately correct your malocclusion. However, if planned properly, there is a good likelihood that you do need them to achieve the proper movements.

If you're unhappy with your treatment, speak to your doctor. On the other hand, you can change your frame of mind and realise that Invisalign with attachments and buttons is much less visible than using fixed orthodontics. Good luck!

Toronto Orthodontist

Speak openly to your Orthodontist

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Tell him that you are unhappy about the attachments being there. He should have spoken to you in advance about the attachments being placed. Its really a case of miscommunication I think. He could redo the case without the attachments but the results will be less satisfying for him and you.

Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Speak with your orthodontist

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I would suggest that you speak with your orthodontist about your concerns, and your dissatisfaction. I would hope that your orthodontist expressed to you that there would be attachments and buttons and cut-outs as part of your invisalign treatment before you received your invisalign trays.

I always advise my patients that they will have attachments on certain teeth, and that without them treatment may be compromised or/and extend the treatment time. If once they receive the trays, they do not want the attachments and want new trays without the attachments, I do charge them an additional fee for the making of new trays without attachment cutouts.

Invisalign treatment fee varies per office as well as location and that fee seems to be reasonable.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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