Caucasian to Asian Makeover.

Round cute face, more narrow jaw (not exaggerated), and an epicentral fold. I would love it if my upper eyelid was a bit more puffier. If possible, I'd really like to reshape my brow bridge and chin.In fact, I'd like to look exactly like one of those girls in the photos if it's possible. Forehead needs some fillers. And a tiny detail if possible; dimples. I'd also want some information about the price and such, it'd really be appreciated. I'm mentally ready and I know what I want.

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Exotic Eye Surgery and Dimple Creation for Asian Look

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There are several procedures on your list. Some are more realistic than others but intrinsically it is not possible to completely transform a Caucasian face to an Asian face. In our practice, we do procedures to enhance the shape of the eyes ("exotic eyes" or almond-shaped eyes) as well as dimple creation. Creating an Asian epicanthal fold and making the eyes more puffy are atypical procedures which I would advise against. It's important for you to meet with a specialist who can guide you with the types of procedures that realistically will benefit you.

Dimple Creation

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Dimples can be created in the office under local anesthesia so that you are awake but painless.  A combination of fillers and botox may help you achieve what you are looking for although it is unrealistic to look *exactly* like someone else.  I would recommend a personalized consultation.

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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