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Hello, I got double eyelid surgery (partial incision) along with medial epi. I regret the ep SO much! I feel like my eyes are TOO close together =( I think that the doctor cut more into the left inner corner than the right. Would you agree? There is less space from the inner corner of the left eye to the nose than the right eye. I also got rhinoplasty, bridge raised. It has been 14 days. Any suggestions? Is there a way to reverse? Do you think as swelling decreases, it will get better? Help

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God needs 9 months to make a baby.

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 You have an excellent result.    You have not given yourself enough time to heal.  You are only 2 weeks since surgery.   God needs 9 months to make a baby.    Give yourself half that time. 

You are lopsided.  Your left side is larger and higher than your right.  The differences that you note are most likely due to this.  Also, your right is set deeper into the orbit than the left thus giving it a smaller appearance.

Relax, you have a great result.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Time is needed here.

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In looking at your photos, I am optimistic that you will have a good result here.  However, you are so swollen that it is so very hard to understand how you will end up.  I strongly recommend that you let your eyelids heal perhaps for a full year.  Do not force your surgeon to do something too early.  You will very much regret that even more.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Not possible (IMHO) to reverse your epicanthoplasty but I think you are going to be ok

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Whenever I answer a question from a patient less than 3 months following a procedure, I always insist that you to speak with your surgeon about your recovery.  Nevertheless, epicanthoplasties and Asian double eyelids can look very weird for the first few weeks.  I warn my patients that with an epicanthoplasty that they can even look 'cat-eyed' for a few weeks and to a lesser extent a few months.  That is a normal process of healing.  When the medial canthal tendon is shortened and the flap is rotated inward, the eye looks pulled for a while.  

In general, I have done fewer and fewer epicanthoplasties because many Asians today want to be more focused on preserving their ethnicity to a larger extent.  Nevertheless, I think you should be fine if you give it time to heal.  the real reason that reversal is not recommended besides waiting for things to settle is that it is an area that can easily scar.  with two surgeries there,  you exponentially increase your risk and it might not be fully reversible anyway.  personally, i would give it time (but always ask your surgeon the most appropriate next step.)

best wishes,

dr. sam lam
dallas, texas

Sam Lam, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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