Can I Change my Caucasian Eyes to Asian Eyes?

I live in hong kong almost my whole life and I have caucasian eyes. Now I was thinking about getting my eyes operated. Is it possible to change my eyes to asian looking (or at least somthing that looks like asian eyes) with sugery? If that is possible what kind of operation would they use to do that. Many thanks for helping! ^.^

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The supratarsal crease height can be changed.

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Revisional asian eyelid surgery would be similar to what you are asking for.   There was a time when Asian eyelid surgery to raise the supratarsal crease to "open" the eyelid created eyelid creases that were too high.  Unfortunately, this still happens today, but surgical techniques and anatomical understanding have improved.   This "high crease" often led to an unnatural appearance and led to requests by patients to "lower" the crease.   This type of revision surgery can be complex and requires significant experience by the surgeon in treating Asian eyelids.  

Your request is somewhat unusual, but is possible after careful consideration of your aesthetics and anatomy.   Remember, your crease height can be lowered, but it is much more difficult to raise it back should you not like your new look.  

I recommend you find a highly experienced eyelid surgeon who performs significant  primary and secondary Asian eyelid surgery.   

Changing caucasian eyes to asian eyes

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Old post but still a relevant question.  It is a straightforward procedure changing the eyelid shape.  You may wish to lower you upper eyelid crease.  This is done by removing skin from below the crease.  If you have a droopy lid due to ptosis, this should be corrected as well.  The type of wound closure nearest the nose is most important in forming the asian (epicanthal) fold.  The site of the crease is marked before the surgery, then followed with blade or other cutting instrument during the procedure.  For me here in Hawaii, every eyelid surgery is an "asian" eyelid surgery.  Hope this helps.  Cheers and good luck!

Hugo Higa, MD
Honolulu Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Tricky procedure

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One needs to understand the anatomy of the Oriental eyelid and how it differs from the Caucasian eyelid. Caucasian eyelids have a fold about 1 cm above the lashes called the supratarsal fold. This is where the skin inserts into the deeper layers. In addition Orientals tend to have more fatty tissue in the upper portion of the eyelid and they also have an epicanthal  fold where the upper eyelid overlaps medially. I've never done this operation although I've done many operations going from Oriental to Caucasian. I would probably talk with a number of oculoplasticsurgeons before deciding if the procedure is right for you. You might start by injecting a dermal filler into the upper lids since this is a temporary procedure and just getting you the fullness may simulate the Oriental lid. I would think that once you release the supratarsal fold, you might be getting into a greater risk for complications, asymmetry, and permanent ptosis of the eyelid.


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To convert occidental eye lids to oriental eye lids, In theory it can be done if you understand the anatomy of the eyelids. Never done it, never seen it described in peer reviewed journals.

with dissection of the supraorbital crease (and hope not to injure the lavator muscle), and fat grafting, hopefully very accurately, you can have the oriental look you desire. You have to understand the potential risks and complications.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Change Caucasian Eyes to Asian Eyes? Find an Expert to Modify Eye Shape

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It is possible to make your eyes look more Asian through surgery. However, it requires more than just lifting or narrowing the ends of the eyes. You would probably need to add fat to and modify the shape of your upper lid to mimic the Asian epicanthal fold. Don't rush into this; find a real expert. I hope this helps.

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