Tooth extraction; What would happen if I do not get an implant or bridge?

I'm having tooth 14 extracted due to crack below pulpal floor. What would happen if I do not get an implant or bridge? The missing tooth does not show when I smile do not real concerned

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Missing tooth

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The only aspect that would be some what concerning to me is the loss of chewing ability and the potential bone loss. With every tooth that is removed there is a chance of bone resorption. Though seeing it's only one tooth, that still wouldn't be a high concern of mine. Wait to see if there is any extreme discomfort with chewing and if there is consider additional options.

Extraction without replacing with implant or brdige

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There are three main concerns with not replacing a tooth:

1.  Teeth start to shift over time which can effect bite

2.  The opposing tooth can extrude and effect the bite

3.  The side without the missing tooth can be more favored for chewing which increases the wear and tear.


Dr. Maddahi

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What if I don't get an implant or bridge after extraction of #14

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Your brains will all leak out!

No, seriously nothing dramatic will happen.  Studies have shown you lose 50% of chewing ability due to where food moves.  You are more prone to future fractures as other teeth do more work.    There will be bone loss that could be a problem in the future if you want an implant.

The periodontial health  on either side of extraction site will improve.  There is an increased risk of TMJ problems, headaches and other problems in the future.

You are better off replacing the missing tooth but you can mange fine without. 

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