My bridge was put in on a slant. My dentist does not see what is so obvious. What am I to do next? (photo)

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Cosmetics of Lower Bridge: Is it tipped?

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You have a grossly underdeveloped maxilla, your upper teeth are canted and even your cranio bones are distorted with ne eye being higher than the other.

I would suggest utilizing Epigenetic Orthodontics and the DNA Appliance to grow your maxilla and correct your maxilla.  Cranio work may be able to correct the differences in facial symmetry.  After uppers ae straight you can correct any issues with the lower bridge but I suspect you will find that it looks good after you correct the uppers.

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Dental bridge

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It is important to evaluate the bridge in relation to your occlusal plane and the plant/level of the upper teeth. All these elements should coordinate perfectly together otherwise you would have biter interference. Your best reference is your dentist as he/she has all the details. Express your concern at a follow up visit and ask for explanation. Good luck. 

Canted bridge

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Thanks for posting the pictures. I understand your point. One thing that you need to take into account is that your upper teeth play a part in the position of your lower teeth. Your upper teeth are not level so there is no way for your lower bridge to be level without making changes to the uppers. I suggest visiting with your dentist and discussing your treatment options for you upper teeth to level them if your lower teeth are of a concern to you.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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