Off center belly button 10 month after Lipo. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had Lipo in Nov 2015. Still to this day my belly button is off center and very noticeable. My doctor says that's normal and part of the female ab sculpting. (Really?) I told him I wasn't happy with it and in no way ever expected to have my results include an off center bellybutton. He said I signed a waiver that there may be imperfections. Basically he isn't willing to fix it. My question is this. Is this normal and what can I do to fix it?

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Belly Button Off Center After Liposuction

Depending on how much fat is removed and how the skin retracts the belly button can change position.  he is right, you prob did sign a consent informing you that scar, imperfections, belly button change may occur.  The real only way to fix this is through surgery.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Off center belly button 10 month after Lipo. Is this normal?

This is unusual as belly buttons are not moved during liposuction. It may be better to review the before and after pictures with your surgeon and see if it changed. 

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Off center belly button 10 month after Lipo.

Thank you for your question. It will be better to compare with pre op pictures. It is not common to off centre as we do not release BB in lipo procedure. Please talk to your PS

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Off centre belly button after liposuction

Dear,thanks for your question.To answer correctly we should probably have a look at your pre op pics as it is difficult to comment on an asymmetry of any sort without knowing the starting point. I am saying this because an off centre belly button is unlikely to be caused by a liposuction procedure, more likely the liposuction has make more noticeable a previous physiological asymmetry ( many people have this imperfection and is absolutely normal).If still some swelling this could be a reason for your problem if was not there before and the same if any kind of distortion caused by retracting scar tissue that is pulling your belly button. In this case be patient and keep massaging because situation can still improve as the final result and rearrangement of scar tissue can take up to 18 months.Best wishesmr Giorgio Netri

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Off Center Belly Button

Discuss this issue with your surgeon while comparing your before photos with your result.  It is uncommon to have an off centered belly button resulting from liposuction.

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