Is It Ok to Drink Carbonated Drinks While on Invisalign?

Can you drink Sprite Zero with a straw with an Invisalign tray in?

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Drink cool drinks with Invisalign on, as you wish

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Its the hot beverages that are not recommended due to the warping possibilities. If you use a straw with most soda's then you should be fine..When you are finished with your soda simply rinse them out with water. That way they are out of your mouth for only 30 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes while drinking the entire soda...

Los Angeles Dentist

I would not advise drinking carbonated drinks while wearing on Invisalign

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I would not advise drinking carbonated drinks of any kind while wearing your aligners. Even though Sprite Zero is sugar free, it is recommended by Invisalign, that the aligners are removed while drinking liquids. Water is ok. For the very best results with your Invisalign treatment and for your dental health please, carefully follow the instructions given to you by your dentist.

Water only while wearing Invisalign

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The "company" answer is only water. This aviods trapping sugary or acidic fluids around the teeth leading to decay (or hot drinks that can warp the aligners).

Even with a straw, some fluid can remain, so a water "chaser" would be suggested.

(Sugar free sodas are still acidic, so they are not "decay free" drinks and can be much worse).

Drink only water if you have Invisalign

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I would recommend only drinking water with invisalign in. If you absolutely must drink sprite zero and are in a situation where you can't take your aligners out, then I would recommend using a straw as well as drinking quickly, as you don't want the sugars and acids from the carbonation sitting in your mouth for long periods of time. Make sure to rinse with water.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Drink only water when wearing invisalign

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When wearing your Invisalign trays, you should not eat or drink anything but water.

The acid level of the soda can warp the trays and is also harmful to the teeth. On its own soda eats tooth enamel, if it hangs around longer in the mouth by attaching to the trays, it can cause even more damage. I highly suggest stopping the soda habit .

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

Sprite Zero is okay

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Carbonated drinks, such as Sprite Zero, are fine as long as they are sugar free. You should still remember to stay away from drinks with artificial dyes even though they maybe sugar free. These drinks usually have a lot of sodium in them, and artificial sweeteners, so you should try and brush, or use a good oral rinse when finished. Using a straw is a great way to minimize the amount of contact the drink has with your teeth and aligners.

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, DMD
New York Orthodontist

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