Is Extraction Necessary Before Invisalign Treatment?

I have just one tooth out of line. It's the incisor on the right, and the root sits back. It's straight, not rotated because of the tooth.

The rest of my top teeth are slightly off center, and are all a bit to the right. I'm about to be 16 years old. My wisdom teeth haven't grown yet.

Do I need extractions? Does Invisalign work to move the crooked tooth forward, and straighten all of them to the middle?

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Extractions before Invisalign Probably not needed

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From what I can see in the photo it appears that your arch is fairly narrow,so by widening them with Invisalign the space needed to move the tooth will be created. You are young so the tooth movement will be easier now than later in life. Invisalign teen would be the treatment of choice for you.

Los Angeles Dentist

Extractions usually are not necessary for Invisalign treatment

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Sixteen years old is certainly a tough age to get braces that everyone can see. So you are wise to be looking into Invisalign. Most Invisalign cases can be treated successfully without extraction of teeth. It looks like your case might work out well too. A visit with an Invisalign doctor will help determine if it will correct the problems you have noted. Good luck!

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Extractions are not necessary before Invisalign

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Based on your photo and brief description, it does not appear that you would need an extraction. You would be a great candidate for Invisalign.

One of the many features that Invisalign Teen has to offer are power ridges. Power ridges placed on the upper lateral incisor, that is in cross-bite, will allow, not just a tipping of the tooth, but full movement of the root as well. An attachment will also need to be placed on some of the teeth. Attachments, are tiny translucent buttons, that aid in a tight fit and activation of the aligners. While moving that tooth forward you will feel your bite change, and that is normal.

I suggest you find a orthodontist for a consultation. You can find several on the Invisalign website.

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, DMD
New York Orthodontist

Extractions are usually not necessary before starting Invisalign

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Usually extractions are not necessary before starting Invisalign treatment. Because every person is different, only your dentist can determine if you need to have teeth extracted or not.

Invisalign does work well to correct teeth that are off center and to move crooked teeth into proper alignment.

I would advise that you consult with your dentist to see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. If you are, and choose to do Invisalign you can have excellent results. Keep in mind how important it is to wear your aligners all the time, day and night, only taking them out to eat and drink for meals.

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