Wet phlegm cough 5 days post op, is this a sign of complications?

I had breast augmentation 5 days ago under general anesthesia. Four days later I started coughing throughout the day, wet coughs where I am suddenly intensively coughing up phlegm. Sometimes my lungs slightly ache after from hacking so intensely but it doesn't hurt my incisions or breasts really. Is this a bad sign or cause for concern?

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Cough after Breast Augmentation

Cough after surgery may be a sign of respiratory (lung) infection or condition.  It is less likely it is related to breast surgery specifically, although it may be related to general anesthesia.  Consult with your doctor and make them aware of your issue.

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I would suggest calling your medical doctor's office and discuss the symptoms you are having. Do try to take deep breaths. Do let your surgeon know about any fever.

Connie Hiers, MD
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