Thin Uneven Lips Due to Childhood Accident. Is There Some Surgery Available to Fix This? (photo)

When I was five years old I fell from a tree and split my face open. The accident caused a scar that runs all the way through my whole lip to my chin. My lips were I guess already thin but the scar on the left side has always made them uneven. Is there a surgery that could correct this and in the process make them a bit fuller? I don't expect Angelina Joile lips, but just some normal looking lips. I would appreciate any help you can offer me . *(Posted 2 images of my lips, one smiling/One relaxed)

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Vermilion Advancements for Pencil-Thin Lips

Your scar issue aside, you have very thin lips particularly the upper lip.There is no type of filler material that is ever going to make your lips have any sustained and natural-looking fullness. It may be worth a trial of injectable fillers just to prove or disprove whether that concept is true. What will work very well are vermilion advancements which move your existing skin-lip junction upwards (upper lip) and downwards. (lower lip) Lip advancements can make for a very significant change in lip size and shape that is permanent.

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Improving lip symmetry

Dear Lilly,

The two main options to improve the symmetry of the pink portion of the lips (the vermilion) is to either us a bit of injectable filler to plump up the lip, or to undergo a conservative direct lip lift. The second option is a small surgery under local anesthesia which will raise the height of the pink lip to help achieve better balance. 

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Thin Uneven Lips

There are a couple of options to improve thin, uneven lips.  While fillers are a popular but temporary option, lip implants are a permanent (although reversible if desired) solution to give a natural and balanced appearance.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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