My Seroma on Lower Back is Getting Larger, Hardening and the Area Has Started Bruising? (photo)

I developed a seroma on lower back and had it drained twice. I rolled entire area with rolling pin to smooth out lumps, and next day it started bruising, now the seroma is getting bigger, and harder, am worried it will stay llike this, its does not seem like there is alot of liquid left like before but its getting bigger and harder....any advice.

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My Seroma on Lower Back is Getting Larger, Hardening and the Area Has Started Bruising? (photo)

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Seek immediate insertion of drainage system of recurrent seroma/hematoma before it becomes infected. 

Back seroma management

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You need to visit your plastic surgeon who performed the surgery.  If there is fluid present, the fluid needs to come out, either through needle aspiration or drain placement. Followup is very important to successful results.

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Seroma after liposuction

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Seromas do not cause bruising.  You might have some residual blood in the tissues that is breaking down and spreading throughout the lympahtic system of the skin.  Hardening in the areas is normal as the fluid has swelled the local tissue, and should resolve over the next several weeks.  A hematoma could be present if you can actually feel a discreet mass.  I would have your back evaluated by your surgeon, or seek a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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Seroma after surgery

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Seromas are collections of fluid. It sounds as though you have a large seroma and/or bled into the seroma from rolling pin massage.

Here is how I treat seromas in my patients:

  • draw off the fluid with a needle 2-3 times a week until fluid stops collecting.
  • no massage, including a rolling pin for 4-6 weeks after the seroma is gone.
  • very dilute steroid injections into hard scar - if the seroma is completely gone.
  • persistent seromas may need surgery or injection with scarring agents.

See your plastic surgeon promptly to find out what is going on. Leave with a treatment plan. No massage and no aspirin or other anti-inflammatories until you are seen.

Best of luck!

Liposuction and Concerns for Hematoma or Seroma

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    Any concerns about hematoma or seroma should be referred to the plastic surgeon and mandates exam with possible drainage.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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