Will a weight loss of 20 pounds lead to saggy breasts?

I am 19 years old, and I'm currently 128 pounds I would like to lose 20pounds but I'm scared that my breasts will sag.

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Will a weight loss of 20 pounds lead to saggy breasts?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination, or full series of photographs, based on your age and current weight a 20lb weight loss is unlikely to lead to saggy breasts as your skin should retract well.  If you have breasts with extensive stretch marks or ones comprised largely of fatty tissue then you may experience some sagging.  Hope this helps.

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Weight loss and breast sagging

Thank you for your question. A 20lb weight loss for you is substantial. At your age, your breasts are primarily glandular tissue, meaning that the size of your breasts are not as likely to change substantially with weight loss. As we age, the glandular breast tissue become more fatty and with weight gain and loss the size of the breast can fluctuate more substantially. Of course, any weight loss can leave you with loose skin. But, a woman's breasts are not fully developed until they have been pregnant and breast fed. Good luck with your weight loss goal! 

John L. Clayton, MD, PhD, MPH
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Will a weight loss of 20 pounds lead to saggy breasts?

Breast sagging can depend on many factors such as age, genetics, overall body fat in relation to breast tissue, and prior pregnancy. Our guess would be that at your current age your breast is mostly dense tissue with relatively little fat, especially as your current weight is just 128, a low BMI or body fat content. To get to 108 you will need hard training and a high protein diet to push your weight down and stay "fit". Our bet is your breast will not sag, but do let us know.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Will weight loss lead to saggy breasts?

The short answer is maybe.  The long answer is where you on your body you store and loose fat is genetically determined.  When some people loose weight it comes off their buttocks some their stomach and some their breast or other locations.   This may not be the same place you store fat when you gain weight.  Also it may change as you age.  A loss of 20 lbs for someone who weighs 128 pounds is quite significant  so I would say loose the weight before and give yourself several months for the skin to tighten.  

Raymond Jean, MD
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Sagging breasts

A 20 lb weight loss may lead to breasts sagging. It really depends upon many factors including, skin quality, fat content, glandular content, etc..

Steven Wallach, MD
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Will a 20 pound loss maker your breasts sag?

This is very difficult to answer without photographs. Furthermore, you will only no the answer to that if you lose 20 pounds.

Ira H. Rex lll, MD
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Weight loss and results

Losing 20 pounds may lead to loss of volume in the breasts which can lead to a certain amount of sagging of the breast. If you have not yet had children then there may be a lower likelihood of this happening in addition to the fact that you are quite young. Having said that, there is no way to be absolutely certain or predict how the breasts will look until you have first lost the weight. At this point, during the consultation the plastic surgeon can determine if an implant only, lift only, or a combination of an implant with a lift is what will be needed to meet your goals.

Best wishes, 

Dr. Ravi Somayazula

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Breast sagging after 20 pound loss

Thank for your question. Yes it could cause your breast to sagge. Breast Augmentation helps patients with their concerns about loss of breast volume due to pregnancy, nursing or weight reduction and asymmetry in breast size, aiming a fuller profile, a more natural look. Available applications are implants and fat transfer or combination of both techniques. There are various implant types and different techniques to place the implant. The proper implant size and shape will be chosen by your surgeon according to your desires. In suitable patients placing the implant from axillary area can be done however in some cases it is better to place the implant via T cut.

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Will weight loss make my breasts sag?

Thank you for asking about your breast size with weight loss.

  • It totally depends on how much fat vs. gland tissue is in your breasts 
  • And where your body loses weight.
  • But regardless - go ahead and lose weight, if it is medically indicated.
  • You can always gain the weight back again if you don't like the look!

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Will a weight loss of 20 pounds lead to saggy breasts?

Thank you for your question. Especially in young like you and with slow weight loss it may not cause sagging. But can not predict for sure

Ven Erella, MD
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