Swelling and puffiness under eyes is normal after having Bellafill injected around my temples? (photos)

Yesterday I had Bellafill fillers done around my temple and forehead area, 8 in total 4 on each side and today I am having extreme swelling and puffiness around my eyes. Is this normal? I am not allergic to Bellafill, been tested and waited 28 days before the procedure. Could not reach my doctor's office they are closed for the next 3 days. Thank you

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Swelling after under eye fill with Bellafill

This does occur with Bellafill and your pictures do not look concerning. The end result is somewhat similar to what it looked like immediately after the injection. Swelling occurs after most fillers can is almost always worst on the the 2nd day after the procedure. To help the swelling, sleep on 2-3 pillows and avoid yoga poses where you invert yourself. The swelling will get much better at about day 5.

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Swelling After Bellafill Under the Eyes.

Bellafill can be a great solution for lower eyelid volume loss but it will always cause swelling and bruising, especially if a needle rather than a cannula was used.  Expect swelling for 3 to 10 days at a minimum.  I looks like you will get a very nice result.
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Swelling After Bellafill Injection

Nospe  thank you for your question and pictures.  Your best course of action will be determined by the cosmetic surgeon who performed your procedure.  Your bond does not end after the injection.   Every physician should have a method to reach them after hours.  My patients receive my own number!  that said, from your pictures, your swelling is minimal at this point.  Please contact your doctor's after hours number.  Best of Luck Dr B

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Swelling under eyes after Bellafill to temples and forehead

Whenever a procedure is done on the upper face, including the forehead and temples, any swelling caused by the procedure gradually moves downward and will settle below the eyes.  So, it is not unusual that you might have swelling under the eyes after a Bellafill injection to your temples and forehead.  This issue should gradually improve over several days to a week or so.  If you are not seeing improvement, you should contact the physician who treated you.  

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