Infection after Bellafill. Akin abscess turned into a biofilm infection. PIC line placed.. No please! (Photo)

Bellafill injected on 5/ abscess appeared on 5/14. Oral antibiotics started on 5/16. Drainage completed on 5/29. Kenalog injected on 6/7. Referred to ID doctor on 6/15. PIC line placed on 6/17. Daptomycin and Ertapenem Sodium started via pic line. Orginal drainage site continues to drain large amounts of infection. 6/25 redness and swelling moved to lower eye lid area. Ultrasound showed cellulitis in entire area. the infection is not localized to the original area and spreading.

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Post Bellafill Infection

Continue to follow up with your primary care physician (or see an infectious disease doctor) for treatment of cellulitis and continued antibiotic therapy. Best, Dr. Emer

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Infection After Bellafill Injections

I am very sorry to hear that you are going through this.  An infection after any filler injection is extremely rare.  Hopefully you have had a complete culture profile done.  There is a possibility that the injection and that infection are coincidental but it really does not matter.  The treatment would be same.  Usually, infections of this magnitude that do not respond to oral antibiotics take a few weeks to resolve as long as you are being given the right drugs.  
Best of luck

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Infection after filler

Facial infection after filler is rare but certainly happens and I am so sorry you are going through this! Be sure to have a plastic surgeon involved as well if you don't already, they may need to intervene here.
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Addendum- Speak with your providers about further imaging such as CAT Scan or MRI.

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