Is it smart to have lipo before having kids?

What I mean is would it be smart to have lipo before having kids? Would it affect you from having kids? And if I was to do lipo then have kids would my skin sag more than normal? Or will working out, living a healthy life and keeping the abdomen tight decrease my chances of saggy in a major way?

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Liposuction before or after children?

Thank you very much for your question. Liposuction is a safe procedure that should not affect your ability to have children in the future. The technique will eliminate fatty tissue, and these particular fat cells will not return. However, if you gain weight in the future, this will still accumulate in the surrounding fat cells. For this reason, to maintain results, you will need to remain at a stable weight after your liposuction procedure. I would recommend that you schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. He/she can determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction at this time.

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Dr. Derby Sang

Thank you for your question.

your procured will not have any negative effect is you get pregnant after your surgery, although i suggest you to first have your baby and after get your procedure done for fresh and better results.

best of luck 

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
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Body Contouring Timing...Before or after kids

Cosmetic body contouring results are never permanent. Your ultimate aesthetic outcome is subject to the unavoidable march of time as well as any changes you may undergo in weight or shape. Weight can fluctuate, skin quality will change etc.

Pregnancy generally includes a series of physiologic changes which (to a certain extent) permanently change a woman's body in dramatic ways. The "Mommy Makeover," which has become so popular, is founded on the inevitability of these changes. The volumetric expansion of the abdomen does not "stretch" the skin so much as it "expands" it creating new additional skin in the process (although the extent to which this occurs is variable). Additionally, the laxity of the abdominal musculature (which is necessary for support of the developing baby) is something which may not simply resolve post-partum necessitating operative plication or tightening. 

With that in mind, timing of surgery as it relates to pregnancy is something which should be approached with caution. Patients need to understand that post pregnancy changes can compromise their ultimate aesthetic outcome. This does not mean that pregnancy need be avoided...but patients must be prepared for either the changes or the requisite revisionary surgery before proceeding.

In summary, liposuction will not influence your ability to have children. There is the potential for the development of sagging (or more appropriately excess) skin and muscle laxity, which can only be addressed surgically.

As always, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.   

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Liposuction and having children

Patients can have liposuction before becoming pregnant, unless pregnancy is planned soon. Since the fat cells are permanently removed, the results should be permanent, but may be affected somewhat by weight gain during pregnancy

John A. Perrotti, MD
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Liposuction before children?

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

  • Liposuction will have NO effect on your ability to have children.
  • Staying fit will definitely help you minimize the changes from pregnancy but the size of your baby has a lot to do with it too - so it's not all in your control.
  • Liposucction will not make you more likely to sag after having babies -
  • The operation usually needed after having our families is a tummy tuck, to repair loose muscle and baby-damaged skin.
  • So if you want liposuction now - go ahead and enjoy your result!

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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It is smart to get liposuction now before having kids to look your best.

Liposuction will not have a negative effect on you having kids later in life. You will just look so much better now and may feel more confident etc....

David Hansen, MD
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Is it smart to have lipo before having kids?

Thank you for your question. Having smart lipo will not affect on future pregnancies. Your skin will not sag more than normal during pregnancy. please consult with a board certified PS for evaluation.

Ven Erella, MD
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