Can Veneers Wrap 360 Degrees Around a Tooth?

Can veneers wrap 360 degrees around a tooth or would these be considered crowns?

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Veneers can provide full coverage

Absolutely, many cases due to decay need full coverage- we call that a 360 Crown made of Empress material. But it is a veneers wrapped like a crown.

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Technically, no....then it's a crown

This is a good question actually. People always ask me when we are doing smile consultations "which will be crowns" and "which will be veneers". Technically, a veneer covers the front surfaces of the tooth. When the porcelain wraps 360 degrees around a tooth it, technically, is a crown. I always tell people that they're all just "porcelain restorations" because it's almost impossible (in our practice) to tell a crown vs. veneer because essentially they're made from the same material (but in the instance of a crown.....just more of it).

NO, veneers do not cover the entire tooth

The term veneer is defined as a thin decorative facing or a thin surface glued to the face of something else.  Used as a verb, it means to overlay a thin layer of fine decorative material or to cement somethiing with an attractive outward showing.  A dental veneer covers the front of the tooth . A porcelain crown covers or wraps around the whoe tooth.

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Veneering is similar to what is done, say,  to renew the look of kitchen cabinets.  Only the front of the cabinets are altered.

Dental veneers cover the front of teeth (sometimes sides and tips) and crowns cover a tooth 360 degrees.

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Dental Vocabulary

This question is basically a question of dental vocabulary. The term dental veneer or laminate refers to the front facing of a tooth with a thin piece of custom fabricated material typically ceramic or composite.

When the preparation of the tooth requires the dentist to include 360 degrees of the tooth, the restoration is referred to as a crown. In either case the restoration of the teeth can be beautiful and functional.

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