Can Veneers and Crowns Be Removed?

worried that over time i won't like the veneers/crowns i plan to get.

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Removal of Veneers

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Hi Anon


As the others have pointed out there is much to consider when removing Veneers or Crowns. There obviously has to be a plan for replacement once the old ones are off. 

In the past Veneers and Crowns did have to be cut off, and in many situations this is still the case. Fortunately, thanks to todays laser technology, Veneers and certain types of crowns can be removed, simply, and without any significant damage to the tooth below. 


With the proper laser Veneers can be removed in as little as a few minutes, while crowns will take more time. Veneers are usually straightforward to remove but crowns have to be full ceramic with no metal understructure.


Not every dentist has access to the technology required to offer such procedures but most dentists have a colleague they know who may have access to the particular laser that is needed. It is not uncommon for a clinic with this service to help out another dentist in there area. 


Talk to your dentists about laser options for removal of your Veneers or Crowns. Specifically you are looking for Erbium YAG technology. 


Please let me know if you have any more questions regarding this type of laser treatment. 



Vancouver Dentist

Veneer removal - consider it permanent

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Since veneers are bonded in place, the only predictable way to remove them is to cut them off. As such, you should consider veneers as permanent and not reversible in a traditional sense.  When cutting off veneers, the enamel underneath will be "scored" or scratched up.  Normally, this is to the degree that they are irreversibly damaged and a new set of veneers would be needed.  If they are removed because you don't like the way they look, then this won't be an issue as a new set will be placed.

A well trained and experienced cosmetic dentist involves the patient in the process.  This ensures that the desired outcome is achieved and nothing is left to "chance".

Crowns and veneers can always be removed. Invariably...

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Crowns and veneers can always be removed. Invariably however, there is always damage to the underlying tooth structure.

It is much more so with crowns, but even with veneers that are mildly or not prepared, it is impossible to remove them without damaging the underlying tooth structure.

There has been much talk about no-prep veneers, but these are rarely effective, particularly with stained or protruding teeth.

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I wouldn't consider it a "Reversible" procedure.

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IThe only veneers that are considered a "reversible" procedure would be a "No-Prep" Veneer.  Technically you could remove a no-prep veneer and get back to your virgin tooth structure.  Crowns are not "Reversible".   I am assuming by your question when you say "Can veneers and crowns be removed" that this is what you're getting at.   There are ways to ENSURE you'll like them before getting them bonded in place.  On our website, you can see our process for placing veneers which includes 1) Diagnostic wax-up (which you're involved in the process) for picking the general look , length and shape, etc.   2) Temporaries that you wear:  This "look" of the temporaries is predicated from the diagnostic wax-up (another process you're involved in).  3) The try-in of the permanent restorations (veneers or crowns) with try-in paste BEFORE they're bonded in place.  

ALL 3 of the aforementioned steps help ENSURE you'll love the new look of your investment. 


Hope this helps


Peter D Boulden, DMD, FACE, FIADFE, FAGD

3189 Maple Drive NE

Atlanta, GA 30305

Removing permanently cemented crowns and porcelain laminate veneers is NOT fun for the dentist or patient.

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Removing any permanently cemented dental restoration (crown, veneers, inlays etc.) is a tedious and unpleasant task. You should be aware that it will most likely also alter the preparation of the teeth and reduce additional tooth structure. In the case of changing porcelain laminate veneers, the additional preparation that is necessary should not compromise the final result of replacement veneers, but this should be avoided at all possible since any additional preparation could result in sensitivity and/or trauma to the teeth.

Veneer and Crowns Removable?

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If you are having regular veneers need to think,  once you have veneers,  there is no going back, They are pretty much permanent.  The same way with crowns.  They can always be removed but you will be taking a considerable portion of the tooth with it. It will have to be replaced by another new crown or new veneer.If you are considering non prep veneers and your teeth are small enough for this procdure, or lumineers, where there is little reduction of tooth enamel, then of course, these can be removed wtih no problem if you are unhappy with them because the tooth is left intact.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Crown Removal

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Crowns and veneers can be removed, however because they are bonded to your teeth, they will probably require cutting them to get them off, and immediate replacement with new restorations.

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