Can an LED Device Metabolize Facial Fat?

A friend recently gave me an "anti-aging" LED device with red and amber LED lights, as well as infrared lights. The lights are similar, apparently, to the "Gentle Waves" treatment offered in some Spas. The lights are purported to stimulate collagen in the skin and promote cell repair. Some users have reported anecdotes of faster than usual disappearance of facial fillers such as Restylane. Could this be true, and could it also possibly metabolize facial fat or cause facial fat loss?

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No clinical evidence for LED fat metabolism

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There is no evidence that supports the claim of metabolism of fat through LED light and I would be highly suspicious of any claims purporting to achieve that. In addition, LED light being used to destroy or breakdown or cause faster absorption of facial fillers has no basis is science.

I hope this helps.

Laser versus LED for fat reduction effects

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Recently, the FDA cleared the Erchonia Zerona device for noninvasive fat reduction and cosmetic body contouring.  The Zerona is a low level laser as opposed to many other devices that use LED light.  There are no LED devices currently that can make the same claims as the low level laser Zerona technology.

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