Can a Blue Peel or TCA Chemical Peel Get Rid of Freckles on my Legs?

Can a blue peel or TCA peel be done on legs to remove freckles and be safe and effective?

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A blue peel or TCA chemical peel would be expected to improve, if not completely eliminate, the freckles on your legs.

It depends on how long the freckles have been there. If the freckles have been there your entire life, they likely involve full thickness hyperpigmentation. However, if they are more recent, perhaps due to sun damage, the likelihood of a TCA chemical peel being successful is greater. Certainly, a blue peel or TCA chemical peel would be expected to improve, if not completely eliminate, the freckles on your legs.

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Blue Peel can fade freckles on legs

Yes. An Obagi Blue Peel can be used to treat any area of the body with good results. That said, the Blue Peel must be applied with less coats, and with greater caution, than when peeling the face. The face tolerates these peels better because of a greater concentration of adnexal skin structures, which assist with healing. But I have achieved wonderful results treating freckles and sun damage of non-facial skin with the Blue Peel.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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TCA off the face

Just beware of using a peel designed for the face on other parts of the body. I have used TCA peels off of the face with great caution as scarring is more likely and delayed wound healing can occur. If you want to remove freckles on the legs try an IPL or BBL light based treatment or a more superficial peel such as Jessner's or Glycolic acid...these will be safer and do fine without the increased risks

Shawn Allen, MD
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Obagi Blue Peel vs. TCA peel for non facial skin; leg skin

Sun damage is not strictly isolated to facial skin. As a consequence, freckles and sun spots can occur commonly on the arms, legs, and hands.

Chemical peels are effective in the treatment of solar damage on the face and body. However, peels are not the first treatment option for these areas. Topical preparations can be used to improve the quality of the skin, including skin color problems, scaliness, roughness, and precancerous changes.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Peel on the legs....


Chemical peels are unpredictable on the legs where the blood supply is less abundant and healing can be questionable. I would not recommend them.

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