Picoway Resolve - 4th less effective than 3 before it. Front desk says it's because I don't have as much pigment now. (photos)

I usually have to hide away for at least 3 days and have to put on makeup for a week till I'm comfortable going out bare faced. This last treatment was done by a different/new nurse and she had a few calibration issues with the machine while working on me. I walked out from the appointment looking only flushed when in the past I felt like I had blistering. I am concerned that the last treatment wasn't done correctly and the $800 spent on that single session was a waste.

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Picoway - hardly much downtime

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One of the main advantages of the Picoway is that, the downtime is minimal, more so with the Resolve. It is possible that an aggressive 532 nm(zoom)  treatment was what was carried out previously, but a flushing and redness/ some swelling, is what is usually the end point with the Resolve handpiece.

Pigmentation and picoway

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When we use the Resolve by Picoway, we usually only have some mild redness or flushing of the cheeks.  It is rare for us to see true blistering or removal of the skin.  The Resolve uses photo acoustic properties in a holographic manner to remove pigment and stimulate the dermis to produce collagen.  When there are a lot of spots, often we will use the zoom attachment on the spots but with the Resolve we usually don't have this level of skin removal. This is a non ablative laser.  Maybe they used the zoom handpick on prior sessions or maybe they used a different laser.  The Resolve is usually non ablative and works amazing on discolorations. 

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