Dermal Fillers On Top of Chin Implant?

I have a small chin implant that I like, but now wish I had even more projection on the profile than I first wanted when selecting an implant. I do NOT want to have another surgery to replace my current implant (had a difficult and scary recovery the first time), so I'm just wondering if it's okay/safe to have dermal fillers like Radiesse injected on top of the implant to give a little more volume? And if yes, what would you recommend? Thank you!

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Filler on top of chin implant

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Fillers are safe to inject on top of an implant and often times recommended after surgery to promote the best overall results. However, check with your doctor prior to treatment to make sure that you have had a sufficient amount of healing time. Radiesse is the best choice for adding volume to an implant since it is thicker and lasts longer.   

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Dermal Fillers on Top of Chin Implant

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Can you inject a filler on top of an implant?  The answer is that you can, but with several caveats.  If your implant is made from silastic, use of a filler should be fine as long as the chin area is thoroughly cleansed with hibiclens (chlorhexidine).  If your implant is composed of goretex, mersilene mesh, or any other porous material, I would definitely avoid fillers in this area. Even in the most ideal of circumstances, use of a filler in the area of a previously placed implant could lead to infection, which might result in the necessity of implant removal.

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Dermal Fillers On Top of Chin Implant?

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Yes this can be done but there are risks of infection that could cause you to lose the implant... Just be aware of this.

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