Feeling very nervous about the outcome! Still in a lot of pain from BR too - 9 days p/o. (photos)

After doing some research my stictches and ripples look a little adnornal to me and I'm starting to panic. Why did he cut so far into my side? Ripples? No bra to wear? Plus I'm still in a lot of pain 9 days p/o BR & mini Tt. How long does pain usually last for BR patients? Thank you!!!!

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Reduction incisions can be scary

because there is so much length to them, especially when they use the anchor incision.  But the longer incision give better contouring and less risk for dog ears.  Pain is not anticipated to be bad after a reduction but everyone heals differently and in the absence of changes to your breast size, your pains will be attributed to your nerves and that will subside with time.  Usually the tummy tuck pains camouflage any pains from the breasts.  You should ask your surgeon about bra use and what kind you should be wearing.  Focus on healing and keep your surgeon informed of any concerns you may have and when you're considered healed, you can critique your results to see if any improvements can be made.

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9 Days after Breast Reduction

Dear Ginafavorito,

Thank you for your pictures.  All in all everything looks good.  The rippling should get better over the next 3 months.  Typically there can be a longer incision on the side of the chest to allow for better shaping of the breasts.  Continue to follow your surgeon's advice.  Best of Luck.

Pain from breast reduction-nine days post op.

Thank you for your question and from your photos it is too early to tell how you will heal. It will take several weeks to determine this and I would discuss with your plastic surgeon you concerns about the length of the incisions.  It is not uncommon to have some pain for several weeks but it should be getting better every day.

John D. Smoot, MD
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Feeling very nervous about the outcome! Still in a lot of pain from BR too - 9 days p/o.

Thank you for your question and photos. Was this a breast reduction covered by your insurance or was this self pay? It does make a difference. If you go through insurance coverage, they pay your surgeon very little, and he/she goes by the strict definition of breast reduction, nothing extra. I personally, liposuction the lateral chest wall and axillary fullness at the time of the reduction, and I use a vertical breast reduction technique (does not give you the boxy look that you already have) with an occasional J extension laterally, but certainly not into the lateral chest wall. It looks like you at healing well and most of your sutures are internal with an occasional outside suture. Talk to your surgeon about the pain, make sure you do not have a fluid collection or hematoma. Good luck with your healing. 

George Marosan, MD
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Post Op healing

Hi ~ It takes 4-6 weeks for the ripples and irregularities of your incision to settle down. From your photos it appears your incisions are healing appropriately.  You will see a lot of changes over the next several weeks and months. How long the pain from a breast reduction lasts depends on the patient. If this does not improve over the next week see your surgeon who can do a thorough exam and determine a cause for this.

Michael Hromadka, MD
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