What is the recovery time for a phenol peel?? Is it about a week like a chemical peel???

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2 weeks

A true phenol peel using the Baker- Gordon mixture is a controlled second degree burn.  At exactly two weeks, you can put on makeup and go to work.  Over the past thirty years, we have tried laser resurfacing, fractionated  lasers and other acid peels. NOTHING IS AS EFFECTIVE FOR DEEP ETCHED WRINKLES!  It is wise to have a plastic surgeon with extensive burn care experience to perform this procedure.  Meticulous post operative care is essential for the amazing outcomes. A show of hands at the Boston Plastic Surgery Convention last Nov 2015 showed only 25% of those attending were performing this procedure in favor of less effective procedures that can be delegated to nurses and technicians.

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A Phenol peel is usually the strongest type of peel offered. It is generally used on very deep wrinkles and severely aged skin. There is also a risk of hyperpigmentation with phenol peels. Recovery times with a phenol peel are usually the longest of any peel, sometimes a week or longer. It is usually used on the face. The results with a phenol peel are similar to those of CO2 laser resurfacing.

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