Post-LASIK Anisocoria

I had Lasik surgery 10 months ago. After the surgery (few days) I noticed my left pupil was significantly larger than my right one in the darker light – the difference decreases in bright light (anisocoria). I am wondering if this unfortunate complication was the result of my undergoing the Lasik surgery only 40 hours after the eye exam that included dilation of my pupils? Is reversal of anisocoria caused by Lasik possible - my eyes are very light and the difference in pupil size is noticeable.

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Perhaps an unusual complication

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is it possible that the condition existed pre-op but with enhanced attention to your eyes after surgery, it was just noted...  

sometimes with prolonged suction, the iris sphincter can be deprived of blood flow and be damaged.   there are drops that can decrease pupil size.  have your tried pilocarpine or bromonidine...  

a colored contact with a smaller pupil, an artificial iris, or purse string suture can be attempted.   of these the contact lens or eye drops are the best options.  the suture procedure is risky and technically challenging is a phakic eye.

to be through and safe, there are unrelated issues that should be ruled out before assuming that it is surgery related.

best of luck...

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