Post laser eye surgery, vision still blurry.

Blurry vision 6 months after surgery is it normal?

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Blurred vision after LASIK

I would recommend that you see your specialist for an advice, especially if the vision was good immediately after surgery.

London Ophthalmologist

Post laser eye surgery, vision still blurry.

Most patients should experience full recovery by 6 months. If the blurry vision is intermittent and not constantly then it could be cause by dryness. You should visit your surgeon to recheck your eyes, there is a possibility you might need an enhancement.

Robert T. Lin, MD
City Of Industry Ophthalmologist
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I am sorry about your blurry vision.  Lasik does not usually take 6 months to have clear vision. I would advise you to see your surgeon. You could have dryness from the lasik that may cause some visual changes. It is possible that there are other problems that need to be addressed. You may need an enhancement also. Best of luck.

Deborah DiStefano, MD
Chattanooga Ophthalmologist

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