7 months post LASIK and my perfectly clear eye is now blurry?

I had lasik surgery 7 months ago and the left eye has been quicker to heal and has been perfect. I woke up 2 days ago and it's blurry it's very annoying I put drops in constantly...I may have rubbed fairly hard in my sleep, since they tend to get dry and itchy. could the flap have moved?

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Sudden blurry vision 7 months after Lasik

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It is highly unlikely that the flap was moved. It takes rather strong trauma to displace a flap at this stage. Most likely,  a little dry patch developed while you were sleeping, which can take several days or more to heal. If you are not better in a few more days, go see your doctor.

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Sudden loss of vision after lasik

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yes, you may have displaced your flap.   while unusual months after lasik, with the decrease in vision, you should see your surgeon asap to evaluate the vision loss.   it could be many things including central serous or a retinal detachment, corneal erosion, or just dry eyes.  only a thorough eye exam will determine the cause.

David Malitz, MD
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