New pain and soreness four months after fat transfer to buttocks? (photo)

I haven't had any pain at all up until this normal? Four mths ago I had a CTT w/ lipo on back, neck and thighs & fat transfer to butt. I had some complications initially but no problems since and I've resumed my normal routine. The last couple of weeks my butt has become very sore all the way around my butt and hips, where the top of the butt crack is. No lumps, heat or redness in the area. I can't jog due to the bouncing and it's somewhat painful in the initial moments when I sit down. I have a follow up with my dr on 11/23 but is this normal?

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Soreness after BBL

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It is common to be sore initially after a BBL, at 4 months later you should not. Best to be seen by your surgeon.

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Postop pain after BBL

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Having some mild discomfort 6 months after a BBL is not uncommon.

As long as you don't have redness or "heat" in the areas that are " sore" , this seems to be normal for 4 months after your surgery.

Your symptoms should improve over the next couple of months .

When you get increase pain, redness, and warmth in the area, make sure you see your PS, ASAP.

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