Is this Hemosiderin Staining? I'm an African American woman that is 19 months post op. I had the BBL? (photo)

If so, how to treat it? This scar is taking forever to fade, it gets 1/2 shade lighter every 30 days. How stressful. I want to be sure of the type of scar it is. My Doc said its Hemosiderin Staining. How do you recommend I treat it? I ordered Biopelle Auriderm Post Op Gel and Amerigel Premium Care Lotion. Both claim to treat hemosiderin staining. P.s bleaching creams lighten the area around scars, so I stopped using them.

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Ask your doctor

Sometimes that happens after any trauma like liposuction, normally it goes away with some creams or ultrasound machine therapy. Ask you PS for the best option for you.

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