Burning/stretching Pain in Abdomen After Vaser Lipo, Is This Normal?

I had Vaser Lipo four days ago on my abdomen and am still in quite a bit of pain. The swelling seems to have mostly gone, but any time I go from a sitting position to a standing up one and vice versa, or even any time I walk quickly, there is a sharp stinging or burning sensation across my stomach, and a sort of ... 'bubbling' sensation, as if there is something moving just under my skin. The entire area is also very sore and sensitive to touch. Is this normal?

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In your response to your liposelection

It is not uncommon to have some burning sensation to the area of liposelection due to bruising of the nerve ends. They respond to gentle massage & over the counter medications.

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Vaser Lipo sensitivity

Given your description, you may have an undetected seroma which needs to be drained. Seromas are collection of fluid under the skin in the cavity created by liposuction. The fluid comes from the tissue trauma due to the mechanical cannula as well as the heat generated by the VASER  ultrasound probe. The first 3-4 weeks after such liposuction procedure, your lymphatics which are responsible normally for clearing this fluid, are significantly impaired and the fluid needs to be mechanically drained by needle aspiration. I would suggest returning to your doctor for further evaluation and if the pocket of fluid is not easily appreciated and isolated for needle aspiration, then an ultrasound guided drainage which is a technique we employ at our practice may be the solution. A seroma may become consolidated and firm if untreated, leading to discomfort and deformity.

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