Does Vaser Lipo Laser Destroy Fat Cells? Not Recommended for BBL?

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Does Vaser Lipo Laser Destroy Fat Cells? Not Recommended for BBL?

Dr Bruno answer is right on. The Vaser is low wattage ultrasonic sound waves that explodes the fat cells thus making them non viable to be transferred. 

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Liposuction for Brazilian buttock lift

I recommend traditional liposuction under low suction to preserve the amount of fat cells to be used for a fat transfer to the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift). Vaser is useful for liposuction or sculpting but not necessary for fat transfer. I prefer the BodyJet system to harvest the fat in a more gentle fashion thereby preserving more fat cells and giving a better result.

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William Bruno, MD
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Vaser Lipo

Vaser vibrates the fat cells like someone grabbing a bunch of grapes and shaking them so fast they start falling off the vine.  The fat cells begin to implode, leaving behind fat cells that have been reduced to a near liquid like mixture.  Vaser is for sculpting and high volume removal.  Vaser is especially good at ethnic skin fat removal where fat is very dense and traditional liposuction falls short.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Brazilian butt lift

Using vaser for buttock fat grafting has NOT been shown to effect absorption.  I do not use vaser, or any other technique other than tumescent liposuction.  In my opinion, the other techniques will time and cost to the patient, but will not effect the outcome.  I have performed fat grafting to the buttocks many times with great success.


Shahin Javaheri, MD

San Francisco

Shahin Javaheri, MD
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Liposuction and fat grafting.

Hello, and thank you for this question. It is an interesting topic and I have called full cervical on this issue. I have been performing ultrasound-assisted liposuction for the past 20 years. Originally it was not thought that the fat would be viable do to the ultrasound energy. Recently, multiple studies have shown, that with lower levels of energy while using the ultrasound device the fat is in fact quite viable. We have been performing fat grafting while utilizing this technique for the past 3 years and it obtained excellent results.

John J. O`Brien, Jr., MD
Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon
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