How to Differentiate Between a Seroma and an Untreated Pocket of Fat After Vaser Lipo?

I am at week 4 post op after vaser lipo on all abdo, flanks and bra-line. Generally I'm very happy, however as the swelling has reduced I notice I have an oblong section of 'swelling' on my lower ab area. It seems to be fairly fluid like and there is no pain involved. However I'm unsure if this is a seroma or a pocket of fat that the surgeon may have missed. Can you provide some more indications of how to determine this? I had this done overseas, so a follow up visit isn't possible.

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Seroma vs fatty tissue

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First, it can be differential swelling. But if it is a seroma, you may be able to detect a fluid shift or wave as you gently push on one end of the area.  Fat usually is firmer.

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It's difficult to say without a physical assessment of your treated area.  Find a plastic surgeon locally and schedule a follow up immediately.  If it's fluid it will need to be drained and looked after by a surgeon.

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Vaser Lipo

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To properly identify the area, one needs to attempt aspiration and see if fluid can be removed.  If so, then the question is answered.  If not, fat is one possibility.  Tapping the side should create a sort of wave and ripple, indicating fluid. There are risks in “out of the country” procedures.  Follow up is important, and someone to stand behind the work.

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Vaser liposuction

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Your plastic surgeon will need to examine you. It really is to early to start looking for untreated fat. At 4 weeks you have significant swelling and edema. Go back and show your concerns to your plastic surgeon.

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